Siouxland: A History of Sioux County, Iowa

First published in 1983 by G. Nelson Nieuwenhuis, this book offers an in-depth look at the geology, geography, and history of the Sioux County area. Reprints of this excellent resource are available as of April 2008.


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Siouxland: A History of Sioux County, Iowa

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About the author: 
G. Nelson Nieuwenhuis was a life-long resident of Sioux County, as well as a professor of history and political science at Northwestern College in Orange City.

About the book:
Chapter 1 begins with a look at pre-historic Sioux County, discussing large tusks of mastodons that have been uncovered in Sioux County gravel pits, their remains carried here by glaciers and flood waters.

Hardcover, 360 pages, with pictures, maps, and indexes;
8 1/2″ x 11″.

Chapters include the following:

Chapter 1-Geological Foundations – The Prairie Setting

Chapter 2-The Indians of Siouxland

Chapter 3-Sergeant Charles Floyd

Chapter 4-Discovering Siouxland

Chapter 5-Captain Jesse Lee Reno

Chapter 6-The Story of Some Government Surveyors

Chapter 7-The Organization of Sioux County

Chapter 8-Calliope

Chapter 9-Organization of Townships Part I

Chapter 10-Organization of Townships Part II

Chapter 11-The English Come to West Sioux

Chapter 12-Orange City

Chapter 13-Hospers–Newkirk

Chapter 14-Towns Along the Milwaukee

Chapter 15-Sioux Center

Chapter 16-Towns Along the Northwestern

Chapter 17-The Twentieth Century

Chapter 18-The Troubled Twenties

Chapter 19-The Turmoil of the Thirties

Chapter 20-World War II

Chapter 21-Progress and Prosperity – The 1950s

Chapter 22-Churches and Christian Education

Chapter 23-Public Schools

Chapter 24-Professional Progress

Chapter 25-Civil Servants

Other sections:

“Sum and Substance”

Notes, Index, and Bibliography


Nieuwenhuis’ book covers slightly different ground than Story of Sioux County, first published by Charles Dyke in 1942 and also available for order. These works complement each other as comprehensive resources on the Siouxland area.