Owl’s Nest

What is the Owl’s Nest Program? 

Anytime a young reader has a one-on-one connection with an adult or older student who is willing to give them their undivided attention, that child develops a sense of trust and self confidence in their reading skills.owl 1
  • The Owl’s Nest Program is a mentoring program designed to encourage children to read, offering a supportive environment to develop strong literacy skills, and most importantly, make reading fun!
  • The Owl’s Nest Program  pairs a volunteer with a student who needs extra help with reading.
  • The volunteer meets with their Little Owl at least once a week at Sioux Center Public library.
  • The Owl’s Nest Program helps to increase awareness and use of library resources, services and programs.
A mom writes, “My son has been reading with the Owl’s Nest program for a little over a month. Last week I received an email from his teacher telling me that he had just taken his reading assessment test and he had improved 125 points. This is a very big achievement for him and it is wonderful to see his confidence grow so much in only 4 weeks.”

How can I get a volunteer to read with my child? 

owls nest 2

Do I need any special skills or training to be a Wise Owl volunteer? 

  • No special skills required! All you need to be a volunteer in the Owl’s Nest Program is a desire to make a difference in a child’s life and commit one hour of your time per week.
  • The Wise Owl’s job is to be a coach and role model who shows a love of books that is contagious and even life-changing for the Little Owl.

How do I become a volunteer for the Reading Buddy Program? 

  • It’s easy! Simply stop at the circulation desk and pick up a Volunteer Form or click on the form linked below. Drop the completed form off at the library. The Owl’s Nest coordinator will contact you to schedule an hour-long orientation and to set a time to meet with the child and parent.
  • Volunteer Application for the Owl’s Nest

If you have more questions, call the Sioux Center Public Library: 712-722-2138 or email us.