Summer learning loss is a loss in academic skills and knowledge that happens over the summer vacation months. It is estimated that students may lose about 1 month of learning during the summer. The Sioux Center Public Library strives to bridge that gap during the summer months with our book clubs, Summer Reading Program and SPLASH camp. There are also a few tips we’d like to share to help your kids read this summer.

  1. Encourage your kids to participate in the library’s summer reading program. This program run through July 17 so there’s still time to join at the library.
  2. If your child doesn’t like a particular book or genre tell them to stop reading it and find something else. Help your kids find a variety of reading materials from different authors to different medium. We’ve found that some kids who “hate” reading actually enjoy reading graphic novels. Find what works for your child.
  3. Ask your librarian for books that are recommended for your child’s reading level.
  4. Check out the library’s Awesome Box display in the library and what’s shown on our website at and selecting ‘Catalog’ and then clicking on the ‘What’s Hot’ on the right side of the screen. You’ll see what other kids, teens and adults in our community enjoy reading and are recommending.
  5. Sign up to use the library’s downloadable, Tumblebooks or Tumblebooks Jr. This resource is free with the library and has interactive books that your kids can read or have read to them.
  6. Educate yourself by going to the Iowa Reading Research Center website at for high-quality resources including 200 learning activities, videos, and parent guides that highlight the importance of literacy for children birth to 6th It’s all free!
  7. Lead by example. Read aloud to your kids even as they get older during a fun family story time. Your kids should also see you reading books for enjoyment.