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For students & teachers:

Kids info bits
Kindergarten-5th graders: Explore or search a subject based collection of articles, magazines, & newspapers.

Research in context

Middle-schoolers: find videos, newspapers, magazines, & primary sources for your homework & research.

Info Trac Student edition

High-schoolers: find magazines, newspapers, books & reference context for your homework & research.

Academic One File

Millions of full-text, peer-reviewed scholarly articles across the academic disciplines. Excellent for college students.

Educators reference

Access academic journals and reports on administration, bilingual education, child development, technology, testing & more.

A custom selection of full-text journals for educators is updated daily.

Health & Wellness:

Health and wellness

Alternative-focused newspapers, directories, videos and references including topics such as diet, cancer, health, pregnancy, nutrition, medicine, and more.

health reference

Find reliable information on fitness, pregnancy, nutrition and much more.

Current content helps nursing professionals as well as students.

Relevant, authoritative content covers treatment, research and mor.

Find 24/7 access to 200 subject-appropriate full-text periodicals.

General databases, articles, magazines, & newspapers:

General one file

Find millions of full text news, magazines, & periodical articles for a wide variety of readers.

Info Trac Newstand

Access full-text newspapers, search by title, date, or section, both current news & searchable archives.

Full-text access to the most searched magazines on the InfoTrac platform.

Full-text periodicals support coursework and general interests alike.

Business & Agriculture:

Nearly 200 titles provide broad coverage of agriculture and related fields.

More than 150 academic journals and magazines support economics studies.

business insights

Find information on companies, industries, and more in the context of timely news, statistics, and in-depth reports.

Full-text insights, tips and strategies for students and entrepreneurs.

Home & Car Repair:


Access thousands of year, make & model combinations to confidently service or repair any system on your vehicle.

Nearly 100 titles suit hobbyists and professional carpenters alike.


Robust coverage for both novice historians and advanced researchers.

Well-rounded coverage of current thinking and scholarly work.


Nearly 50 journals cover topics from scientific and practical standpoints.

Find robust coverage of environmental policies and perspectives.

Updated daily, this collection includes 1.6 million articles and 200 journals.

War & Military:

Journal content covers the past and current state of military affairs.

Periodicals for analysts, risk management professionals and students.

Criminal Justice & Legal Issues

Access to 150 journals gives users insight into criminal justice topics.

Reliable information on labor relations, mortgages, legal issues and more.

Books & Recommendations:

Note: we highly recommend NoveList by EBSCO as an even more powerful book recommendation tool. Ask us for the username & password!

books and authors

Explore genres & titles, fiction & nonfiction, and figure out What Do I Read Next?


Current, accurate information covers advertising, literature, linguistics and more.

Find engaging explorations of cultural differences, contributions and influences.

Wilson Art Index and RILM are among the resources in this collection.

Balanced coverage of gender studies, family/marital issues, health and more.

Insightful content covers every category of religion and philosophy.

Culinary Arts & Tourism:

Find thousands of recipes, plus restaurant reviews and industry information.

Current content allows for focused study of the leisure industry.


Nearly 400 titles include general career guides and industry journals.

Information Science & Libraries:

Top content for information professionals and students.

En español:


Acceso a periódicos y revistas de lengua española, incluye mucho sobre América Latina.