The Sioux Center Public Library Board is excited to welcome Tara Berkenpas. Tara and her husband have lived in Sioux Center for 14 years. They have three boys, one at the Sioux Center Middle School and two boys who attend Kinsey Elementary. Tara is in her third year at Kinsey Elementary working in the library where she enjoys working with many children in our community. Tara writes, “I am honored to be on the board for the Sioux Center Public Library. My children & I have spent much of our time there utilizing and appreciating what the Sioux Center Public Library has to offer.”


We are excited about the experience that Tara brings to our board and the unique insights into young readers in our community through her current position at the school library. If you see Tara in the community please introduce yourself and let her know what you enjoy about the library and thank her for serving our community!