We had such a fun Summer Reading Program these past six weeks!  We wanted to give you some numbers that will astound you!

In our Birth- 4th Grade program we had almost 750 participants this year. Reading a total of 201,780 minutes or 3,363 hours!
Some of our winners for this age group were:

Lego : Cristofer Marquez
American Girl:  Lauren Vander Plaats
Book of the Month: Josie Renken
Family Prizes:  Lexi Ringelberg, Poppy VanDyke, and Aiden Vos
Also prize winners:  Emery VanGinkel, Emma Wynia,  Ryan Ymker, Jane Taylor, Megan Tekrony, Isabelle VanEs, Leila Trigg, and Cassidy Hulsof.

In our Teen program we had a little over 175 participants that read 117,735 minutes or 1,962.25 hours! Our Teen Prize Winners were:
Marissa Wielenga (31 purse)
Shayla Rufenacht (iTunes gift card)
Riley Van Ginkel (android tablet)

In our adult program we had almost 100 participants with 156,095 minutes read!  Our purple team won this year and our Prize Basket Winners were:
Baseball basket: Heather Monaghan
Fitness basket: Vera Boender
Wine basket: Travis Nykamp
Movie/Family basket: Kurt Vos
Cooking: Joy Hurst

Thanks to each of you that participated!  We enjoyed seeing and hearing about all that you were reading this summer!  Keep it up – now you can read without keeping track!