Exciting Puppet Program on the Horizon at the Sioux Center Public Library

We are honored and excited to have Eulenspiegel Puppets coming to do a day of shows at our library on Thursday, April  10!  Eulenspiegel Puppets is a puppet theater company from West Liberty, Iowa that was founded in 1974.  They perform remarkable programs that excite kids about puppets and the arts.  They are coming to Sioux Center to perform The Amazing Adventures of Willy the Woolly – a delightful tale of the lovable mammoths who roamed Iowa prairies many years ago!  “Follow Willy the young woolly mammoth and his friend Bonny the Bunny as they overcome the dangers of sinkholes and saber tooth tigers.  Learn about the Ice Age and the power of friendship. Performed with a cast of tabletop marionettes, rod puppets, shadow puppets, and the whimsical live music of Ron Hillis!”  Their program will be held at 6:30 pm and is for the whole family.

Earlier in the day the puppet troupe is holding workshops – Puppetry Workshops at 2 pm and 3:30 pm.  In these workshops, each participant will make a shadow puppet of an underwater creature and learn how to make a simple tabletop shadow stage out of corrugated cardboard.  The session ends with an impromptu performance!  These are limited to 25 children per session and an adult must accompany children under 9 years old.  There is no fee to participate, but please call the library to reserve a spot.  We have to be firm on our numbers.

We have one more workshop at 8 pm, again for all ages.  This will be a music workshop, and you can expect jaunty tunes on the guitar, banjo, ukulele, fiddle, and harmonica.  Tap your toes, sing along, and learn a bit about the history of American music!  Great for children, music teachers, adults who work with children, and anyone who wants to explore music and its many varieties!

We do not want you to miss these extraordinary events!  They are difficult to bring to our area because of cost, but the Sioux Center Public Library, partnering with the Sioux Center Recreation and Arts Council, and an Iowa Arts Council grant made this possible!