You have just finished a fabulous book and dread the thought of finding a new one!  Ever been there?  We hear it often here at the library, “How can I find my next good read? “  We have some places for you to start and possibly make your search less painful!

First of all, with our Winter Reading Program going on right now, all you have to do is walk down our aisles and you will see snowflakes!  When you see one – you are near a book that someone has said is a good read.  Read the snowflake and check the shelves or certainly ask for help in locating them. If they are not available, we can always put a hold on them for you!

We have started a new service called Awesome Box!  It’s a small box that sits on our counter for the books and movies you think are AWESOME!  All you have to do is return your items in that box, and we will take care of the rest.  We log them into our Awesome Box site, and then you can use that information in one of three ways.  You can visit our homepage and look at our Awesome Box widget to see the last few we have added.  Secondly, you can click on that widget and go visit our Awesome Box site to see the complete list.  (Each title is linked to our online catalog and even tells you if the item is currently in or checked out.)  Lastly, we now have a display in the library that features Awesome Box titles, so that is a quick and easy way to stop in and see them up close.

Yet one more way to find your next read might be on our website at the READING tab.  We list some websites where you can enter an author you enjoyed and it generates new, similar authors for you.  On the sidebar of the READING tab page, you can also click on IF YOU LIKE…  This will take you to yet another page where you can find sites that assist you in choosing books based on qualities, plots, or characteristics that you enjoy.

Never feel stuck – that’s why we are here, and we are happy to help!  We DO NOT want you to be without a good book!