Last week I told you that we had BIG e-reader news.   We are excited to let you know that we have an additional option for you.   E-books are NOT going away, about 33% of Americans have started reading e-books and that number is increasing – they are here to stay and our challenge is finding ways to provide them easily for you!

We have enjoyed WILBOR, our current e-book service.   It is a great service and has worked well for us.  With the high interest in e-books we are finding that we are experiencing long wait times since we are sharing books with so many in our surrounding communities.  To help reduce this problem we have been looking for new opportunities and are SO pleased to announce  that we have signed up to use 3M e-books!

Our goal is to reduce your wait times by adding this new service.  The 3M e-book checkout system is only available to our library card holders so your wait times should be FAR less than what you see with WILBOR.  3M works much like when you check out a book in our library – you need your library card number and then you may check out the item for 2 weeks.  You may even put reserves on items you hope to read.  We have purchased a variety of books to start on this new platform and we will be adding new titles monthly.

In order to use 3M e-books you will need an app, which you can download on 3M’s website.  You may also use it on your table, smartphone, PC or MAC.  Here is the link to get you started –  or just go to our homepage and you can find a 3M link there as well.  Enjoy this new service, and let us know if we can help!

We will continue to offer WILBOR and 3M simultaneously.   So the great news is if you cannot find a book in WILBOR, then try 3M and if you cannot find a book in 3M then try WILBOR.

We do have one caveat.   The only thing we are hoping will happen soon is that Amazon would agree to partner with 3M.  So far, they are not willing to allow their Kindles to download books from 3M.  HOWEVER, there is one way we may be able to help you and that is if you have a Kindle Fire – stop in and we can try to help you on this one!