We thought it would be fun to run a series called “Did you know….” To make sure you are aware of many of the things that library can offer you!  Stay tuned for more installments in our series!

Did you know…..

….you can find help with automotive repair?  Click on the AUTO REPAIR button on our homepage and then open the Auto Repair Reference Center to get the help you need.

….you can use one of our meeting rooms for your next event?  Call to learn more.

….we have coffee everyday??  It’s just 50 cents!  Stop in to try a delicious cup!

….you can see our powerpoint announcements from your own home?  Click on the viewer on our homepage to see all of our upcoming news and events.

….you can use our iPads and Kindle Fire in the library to try them out!  Just ask at the front desk!

Visit the Sioux Center Public Library at www.siouxcenter.lib.ia.us to explore all this and more!


Book Review:

One for the Murphy’s by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

This is a new book in our Juvenile Fiction section.  I thought it was powerful – it immerses you into the mind of 12 year old Carley, a foster child, battling the struggle between the love for her biological mom, who hasn’t really been much of a mom, and her fabulous foster family that she would gladly live with forever.  Carley wants her mom to keep getting better but that would also mean having to go back and live with her after the many struggles they have been through in the past.   I am not sure I have read a book that so clearly went through these conflicting emotions – it was such great insight into the mind of a 12 year old. The story was wonderful – heart-warming, funny, and, I feel, really hits at the heart of what these kids go through!