Are you getting all you can out of your library?

One of our favorite questions lately is, “Do you have ebooks?”  Why is it one of our favorite questions?  Because we are trying so hard to let people know that YES, we do have ebooks!  We want to get the word out so this week’s article is dedicated to yet, one more time, trying to get the word out about all we have to offer online.

Tumblebooks – these are books for children and young teens that are online and can be downloaded and read to them.  They are wonderful picture books and some even have interactive games and quizzes.

Freegal – this service is a downloadable MUSIC service!  You get three free downloads a week – yes, that is right – three free songs a week and it’s totally legal!

3M – these are ebooks that you download to your readers.  Again, totally free and we purchase children’s books all the way up to many adult books.

One Click – these are digital audio books that you can download and listen to at your leisure.  Again – there are books for all ages and are quite simple to download.

Wilbor – here you will find both ebooks and audiobooks to download and read or listen to.  All ages are included.  This is a service provided to many libraries across the state so the titles are vast and numerous.

Zinio – magazines that can be downloaded to your computer or ereader.  We have almost 40 magazines to choose from – you can download and read at your leisure.

Abdo Digital Books – here is a set of all 50 state books that you can read on your ereader or on your computer.  Use them in your classroom or at home.

Mango – want to learn a foreign language and you are unsure of where to start?  This is a fabulous program that tracks your learning – you can choose from almost 40 different languages.

Encyclopedia Britannica – the entire encyclopedia online!  Up to date and handy!


Feel free to stop in anytime and we can help you,  or watch for our monthly Tech Talks.  Tech Talks is a monthly program where you bring your device and we help you find which downloadable items you can use on your device.  We will help you download and get them up and running!