Dogs AND Books are man’s best friends – SO, when we had an opportunity to combine those two things here at our library – we were quite excited!  We contacted Rob Meerdink, an Orange City resident, who uses his certified dogs to go into schools and nursing homes and allow students and residents to read to the dogs.  We were thrilled when he agreed to bring his program to our library!  We will be having his dog, Sunday, his latest “certifiee”, come to our library on Saturday, Nov. 10 and children may sign up for 10 min. reading times to sit and read to this beautiful greyhound.  Reading to dogs has so many benefits,  not the least of which are improved reading skills with the practice it gives children, increased sense of  self-confidence in their reading skills, external motivation to read, and building excitement about reading.  If you’d like to read more on the program visit, .  We are excited about this opportunity – spread the word – we’d love to see lots of children get to read to Sunday!!


I finished another of Sarah Jio’s books – Blackberry Winter.  Jio is a writer that gives you a fabulous story from page one!  You are drawn in immediately – and she takes you full circle until you hit the last page and are left wondering if you really wanted it to end!  This novel is one of my favorites of hers so far – it ties in the stories of two women – Vera Ray, who lived in Seattle in 1933, and Claire Aldridge, also a mom that lives in Seattle during present day.  The moving story shows the loss of children and the impact it had on these two women’s lives.  Their stories are profoundly different and yet SO much alike.  It is well told – the  characters are real and become people you care about as you read.  Jio has done it again – another enthralling read!