by Becky Bilby, library director

The library is open until 9 on Monday through Thursday, and until 5pm on Friday and Saturday.  We are here to help you these evenings until we lock our doors for the day.  But did you know that the library can serve you even after we have locked our doors?  I want to briefly mention all that our website has available for you even after our physical doors have been closed.

Right off of our homepage, you can find links to all sorts of goodies.  Mango Languages is a brand new service we offer online where you can take lessons to learn a new language – over 45 foreign languages to choose from and 15 different ESL courses.  

One Click Digital is another new service – this is another service that is free to you with your library card.  You can download audiobooks to your heart’s content and there are never any “holds” on them.  It can be as simple as using their app on your smartphone or downloading them to your computer and then putting them on your mp3 player or iPod.

Don’t forget Wilbor as well – this Overdrive product – is also free with your library card and allows you to download audiobooks and eBooks to your phone, tablet or mp3 player.  Encyclopedia Britannica is not only those blue volumes on a shelf – now they are totally online and have new content uploaded daily to stay current.  This is a great resource when you are doing research at home – just log in and you have access to it all!

And I would be remiss if I did not mention EbscoHost.  Although the name may seem a bit obscure – this is really a SUPER resource – this is a large database of magazines and journals- you name it and you can probably find it here.  You can print articles from this resource or save them for later reading.  AND, we’ve just added two new databases on EbscoHost for you to use – Small Engine Repair – where you can get information on engines you might be repairing or Home Improvements.   You just go to that database and you can find articles on topics from laying linoleum to repairing your roof.

Just because our doors are locked does not mean that we are not still here for you.  Stop by after hours and see what we have to offer!


September Book Review:

My first encounter with Charles Todd as an author was a hit!  An Unmarked Grave is a “Bess Crawford Mystery” which means almost nothing to me as I’ve never read a Bess Crawford Mystery nor have I ever heard of them.  But now I have and you can be sure I am on the lookout!  This is a wonderful mystery set in 1918 – I loved the history AND the plot.  Bess Crawford is a battlefield nurse that is drawn into a baffling mystery because people she worked closely with are now dying or being killed – she has to decide which.  Because of Bess’ family background and inability to leave a mystery alone, she is determined to get to the bottom of this rash of deaths.  It was suspenseful and well-written – great World War I intrigue and history to boot!!