Having taught 4 of my 5 kids to read, I know the challenges, struggles, and joys each child can encounter when learning to read.  I had two children that just took off with reading and two that needed as much help as I could give and then some.  So this new program at the library is near and dear to me!   The Owl’s Nest is a program where parents can sign up their children to come to the library and partner one-on-one with a teen or adult that will listen to them read, maybe work with them a bit on beginning reading skills, in a non-threatening environment.  The benefits are endless – for the child (from both English and non-English speaking families) AND for the adult reading partner.  We are so excited to kick this off – but before we do – we need both children (TK-4th Grade) and adult/teen volunteers.  If this is something that interests you – stop in the library and talk to Judy – we’d love to work together to get all of our kids reading!!


Book Review:

Alice LaPlante’s Turn of Mind is a riveting read. It is the incredibly sad story of Dr. Jennifer White, a 64 year old retired orthopedic surgeon, who is learning to live with dementia. The story is told from Jennifer’s perspective and can be so hard to read at times – how she can not even remember her son or daughter must be a challenge for the whole family – but seeing it all from Jennifer’s side is almost worse. What makes this book even more appealing is the murder storyline. Jennifer’s best friend has recently been murdered and the police suspect her as the murderer. This book is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final pages – I could not believe how it ended – I had no idea and DID NOT see it coming. It is just gives some great insight into dementia patients and what they live with, and what their families and friends live with – all from an insider’s perspective. I would highly recommend this book – it was a fabulous read!