Be on the lookout for signs popping up around the neighborhood!  That’s right – it’s not time to campaign but you will still see yard signs popping up around Sioux Center.  These are signs for STAR READERS!  Every reader in our summer reading program that fills up their reading log (app. 12 hours of reading) will get to take a sign home to put in their lawn!  We are excited to see Sioux Center fill up with star readers!  Children can lose up to 2 months of their reading achievement by taking a break over the summer and we are here to make sure kids keep reading and keep those skills up!  So be on the lookout for our Star Readers!

We are so excited to let you know that our library is now offering  Mango languages.  Here is a great way to learn a new language or brush up on an old one!  Mango languages offers more than 40 foreign language courses and 16 English as a Second Language courses.  You can take in depth courses or just learn some conversational skills – both come with pronunciation tips and interactive content.   To access it, just go to our homepage and click on the link – there are also iphone and android apps available as well!   Just one more way your library can help you be a better you!


Book Review:

Emma Donoghue has written Room, a haunting fiction tale that is like nothing I have ever read.  It is the story of Jack, a five year old boy, that is being kept in an 11 x 11 foot room with his mother – against their wills.  Their captor has created this tiny room for them and only gives them weekly rations of food and necessary clothes, etc.  Wow – does this ever make you think – not only how you would survive – how they DID survive – but it broaches questions like “What would you be like when you did get out?”  or “What is ok to survive?”  I thought the book was very readable – I could hardly put it down and that’s saying something since we were even on vacation!  I thought the characters were strong – you honestly feel sometimes like you are right inside Jack’s little 5-year-old mind.  And yet you feel so strongly for his mom as well – she is all Jack has and she does the best she can with her limited resources.  It is quite a psychological read – I would highly recommend it!