This month I thought I would share some interesting facts that were just released from the State Library.  Here are some Library Stats that you may find interesting.

*In 2011 Iowa public libraries “educated and entertained 1,465,349 attendees with 67,215 library programs.  If the attendees paid a commercial admission fee of $4 per person, they would have paid nearly $6 million!”

*In 2011 Iowa public libraries “delivered 46,440 programs for kids.  That’s more than 134 story hours, classes and other events every day!”

*In 2011 Iowa public libraries “owned more than 14 million items, including books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and downloadable items.  That is nearly five items for every Iowan.”

*In 2011 Iowa public libraries “checked out 29.5 million items.  If Iowans had to pay for each item, at $12 an item, it would have cost about $354 million or about $118 per Iowan.”

*In 2011 Iowa public libraries “provided free Internet computers that were used over 4 million times.  If each computer were used for 30 minutes at a commercial location, it would have cost about $24 million or $8 per Iowan.”

And all of these services listed above were provided at an average cost of $35.21 per Iowan!  Now that is a deal!  Make sure you stop in your local library and see what’s available to you!!



Book Review:

Lisa Genova is a writer that is well known – her book Still Alice, is still topping charts. Her latest, Left Neglected, is just as intriguing. I think what makes Genova so interesting to me is her background in neuroscience – you can tell she has this as she writes – she has insight into these conditions that many would not have. Left Neglected is fabulous – it is the story of Sarah Nickerson – whose story is like many others – a career-driven, fast-paced life with three kids. But it all changes one day during her commute to work – she looks down to make a phone call and doesn’t realize that cars are stopping on the freeway ahead of her…
She is an a serious car accident – spends months in the hospital and therapy – and comes out with Left Neglect – a condition where her mind basically pays attention to nothing on the left side of her body – or on the left side of her – period. Fascinating and thought-provoking – this book will leave you grateful and inspired!