When I think of how reading has changed since I was a kid – it is almost staggering!  Am I really THAT old??  I am afraid I will always prefer the feel of a book in my hands, but I do love the accessibility and ease with which to take 5 books on my e-reader and not worry about the extra weight on a vacation or a trip to the dentist’s office!  E-readers are handy and have great functionality with their new technology!  But the technology that e-readers have brought to the table can be frustrating for readers as well.  The Sioux Center Public Library is working hard to keep up with the e-readers that are out there so that we can help if you are struggling.  Do not hesitate to ask us if you run into any problems.  You can call and we can try to help you troubleshoot or you can stop in with your device.  Also make sure to visit our website – we have a page dedicated just to finding ebooks on the web – especially the freebies!


Book Review:

The Language of Flowers

Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s The Language of Flowers is simply MAGNIFICENT!  I loved everything about this book – the  characters are strong and well-developed and the storyline is powerful.   NOW, the subject matter is very difficult – there is nothing easy about reading about a child that is bounced around through the foster system and how hardened she becomes, but it is one of the richest books I have read in a long time!  Victoria’s story is one that will break your heart – I kept wanting the best for her – but she just keeps sabotaging herself with her wrong choices.  I felt for her – I wanted to help her.  But what broke my heart the most is that MANY children live this life – and seeing what may become of them as they age out of the system just is so hard to read.  I highly recommend this book – as hard as the story is to read.  I emailed my friend just as I was 20 pages from the end and told her thanks for recommending it to me to read, but that the last 20 pages were bittersweet – I needed a break from her very hard story, but I did not want any of it to end!!