Keeping in Touch…

The average person spends 41 minutes per day on Facebook.  ( And that is exactly why we felt Facebook was a necessary means of communication for our library!  This page is set up to keep you informed with all library news – including current displays, upcoming programs, technology trends and much more.  In fact, right now, you can visit our page now and take a poll on how we will continue to handle DVD checkouts.  It’s a way to get your voice heard and be a part of exciting things here at the library.   If you want to be a part of this growing community – “like” our page at    We do not just “like” Facebook, we also give fair time to our Twitter followers.  (Since we are told that in 2011, Twitter usage was up 700 percent from the previous year. )  Our twitter feed will keep you “in the loop” as well.  It broadcasts the same feed as our Facebook page, but it covers those users that are not on Facebook.  To Follow us on Twitter our name is .  These really are great ways to stay current with what is going on at the library – so for those patrons that feel they may be missing signs or announcements – never be out of the loop again – come and tweet with us or be our friends on Facebook – in social media, the more the merrier!


Book Review

The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen is one of the best books I’ve read in a while!  Milly and Twiss are twin sisters that have stuck together from birth – and I do mean that.  They have been there for each other and even grow old together.  I love their relationship and it only helps to strengthen them for all they’ve been through.  The girls do not lead a simple, easy life.   They struggle through many issues with their family – their father AND their mother, and their cousin, Bett, who comes to stay with them for a summer – a summer that will truly leave them forever changed.

The characters are well-developed – the story is one that draws you in and keeps you there.  Although it is a series of flashbacks and current life – it is not hard to follow.  I am anxiously waiting a new novel from Rasmussen.  IF you read it – I’d love to hear your thoughts – you can always send us a tweet!